Visit to the Cardio Doctor…

I had been pretty “pumped” while waiting for this appointment with the cardio doctor to finally “happen”… it finally did… yesterday.

I had started feeling better back when I celebrated my 84th birthday on 8/29… it seemed to be getting a little better as each day went by… even did a health-update posting on   (where one might say I was sounding a bit pumped)….  🙂

The past few weeks, I am now exercising regularly again… stretching and walking 6 days a week,  and twice a week doing my dumbbell  routine  and the  “Ultimate 12 Minute Dynamic Tension Workout”…   (being able to do this had made me even more pumped for yesterday’s visit to the doctor).

Background for all this was how I had been asking the Lord regularly, since getting into my 70’s, to make me one of His  “Calebs”... leading the charge up the mountain when he was 85, against the Anakim…. (Joshua 14: 6-13)

That desire was crushed 6 months before my 80th birthday… the result of my almost killing myself eating ice cream and registering a 419 sugar… it was all downhill from there.  So… I sang along with Hillary Scott  “Thy Will Be Done”... as I paid the price of my food choices…  I think that the  “manna” Caleb ate in the wilderness was a much better food choice….  🙂

Then it started to change a couple of years ago,  after meeting Dr. Mahooti, when I chose to follow the “Low Carb High Fat”  lifestyle he was recommending.  My biggest concern at this point, was that I was sleeping so much… 5/6 hrs at night before having to get up to visit the bathroom… going back and sleeping another 3/4 hrs. before starting my day… then still able to take a couple naps before dinner time.

The doctor said yesterday that I have  “passed with flying colors” … my heart was now “stabilized”   and just functioning like an 85 year old heart, with my issues, should be functioning…   🙂   it had stopped getting  “worse”… she said I would be around for a long time and she liked when I told her my personal dream since 1997 was always to “Live Long/Die Fast” –  (Dr. John Bland) … looks like you will have to put up with me for a few more years.  Caleb is back.

The icing on the cake was when I asked her about my sleeping so much… she said  That’s what old people do”... even went on to point out that I was sleeping all night and then napping… the way it is supposed to be… not sleeping on and off all day and being awake all night.

Since the Lord has broken up my life into 32 year segments… I had wondered how many years I would get out of this last 32 segment…. hmmmm… ya think He’ll give me 96?






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