more about relationships…

I said more about relationships tonight on

But here on my personal blog I want to tell you about one of the oldest relationships I have.  It began almost 50 years ago, after we had opened our Christian Book Store in Allendale, N.J.

I received a phone call from a guy in Scotia, N.Y. who had also opened a small Christian Bookstore up there.. and he began to ask some questions…. that was the day I began to build a relationship with Gordon Kraus and his wife Frances.

We have each moved a few times… the Kraus’s to Pennsylvania and then North Carolina.  The Wolff’s to Vermont… and now to Massachusetts… we have traveled out their way a couple times… we have met together in a condo in Florida… but mostly it has been Gordon and Frances that have done the traveling…

They came up every year for years and years… making a swing every summer in their small motor home to visit family and friends in the NorthEast… never known anyone who worked as hard as they have to build and maintain relationships.

The past few years they have said over and over that this would be their last trip… but even came up after selling their motor home!

To honor that, I am going to attempt to sketch my favorite picture of them… below.

Not sure how long it will take after being unable to sketch for so long a period of time… but will give it a whirl over the weekend!


G_F @ CJ's.jpg

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