great report…

Had my follow up visit to see the doctor this morning… it went so much better than I could  ever have imagined… I took off into warp speed, thanking the Lord…

Doctor said he couldn’t hear anything rattling around in my lungs… blood pressure was 101/64…. my O-2 was 99 (best I’ve ever had on my oxygen)…. no fever… and he had just taken an A1C blood sugar test… usually running around 7 these days… last time (3 mos ago) it was 7.2… this time I had a number I have never even gotten close to ever before… the magic number actually that says your diabetes is basically under control… it was 6.4 … the doctor even said some nice things about my managing my diabetes well.

Then the sugar free icing on the cake was when he said…  see you again in 6 months”…!!!!

I went from there to the track at Gordon and had a nice 7 lap walk… also had walked there last Thursday and Friday (4 laps and 5 laps)… feeling so much better… sleeping really well  (only getting up once at night in the middle of 8 or 9 hrs. sleep)… family says I am looking much better…  hmmmm…  what do YOU think?     🙂

Photo on 3-19-18 at 7.19 PM.jpg

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