My journey began on August 29th… 1935

I spent the first 32 years of my journey, doing everything the world told me was important to do.  Then I had this dramatic collision with God, met His Son Jesus, and proceeded for the next 32 years,  to do everything the Church told me was  important to do.

At that point in the journey, I was completely burned out and crying out to the Lord… “I don’t get it Lord… all I ever wanted to do was serve you… and look at me… totally useless to you or anyone else…”  I was having quite a little pity party… then the Lord spoke in that quiet, gentle voice of His, saying  “Philip… I never asked you to do anything for me… all I ever wanted was a relationship with you”

Another very dramatic collision… my world – once again – was totally changed… this 2nd collision started me off on what is probably the final 32 years of my journey… and I am already more than half way thru that.   I spent the first 10 of these last 32  years, just discovering the importance of   “relationships”   and how that fits into God’s plans.

I also have two other web-sites.

philips-musings.com    is where I get to share all the things running around in my head and my heart… this site is for myself and for anyone else that wants to hear those things.

philips-consulting.com   is where I talk about what I’ve learned in over 60 years of self-employment and offer my experiences to people who are self employed or desire to be self-employed… it is also where Ellen and I offer help in personal counseling from over 50 years together on the  journey.

This new web-site is about our  great adventure  and this journey together…  the things that are happening in our lives… as well as sharing about some of the wonderful  relationships  we have with others.

Enjoy the journey….